The archaeology group was formed in April 2007 as a result of David Jones from Manor Farm, Bredenbury, mentioning that there were at least two lost buildings within 100 metres of his present house. One was thought to be an old tithe barn, the other an old farmhouse, which was purchased by Queen Anne’s bounty in 1743, to be used as the Rectory.

Archaeology Group Report
Steve Palmer – March 2013
Since October 2011 the Archaeology Group has been busy, excavating, initially at Acton Beauchamp and more recently at Manor Farm Bredenbury.
We were asked by Mr George Woodruff, to investigate the archaeology at Church House Farm Acton Beauchamp.
Documentary evidence gathered by Dr W.M Pratt, led us to begin an excavation in a small orchard to the south of the church, which a Tudor manorial survey had indicated was the site of a small holding, this had gone by 1839 when the tythe map was drawn up.

In between the digs at Acton Beauchamp and Bredenbury, we took part in the Studmarsh dig “Past in Mind”, at Bringsty which is owned by the National Trust, to assist Herefordshire Archaeology in a joint project with Herefordshire Mind, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.
The group will meet at Manor Farm Bredenbury on Saturdays from March 2013 if weather allows. 

If anyone is interested in joining us in our endeavours, please contact Steve Palmer by telephone on 01885 490269 or e-mail  at:

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