The Three Stanfords

The 3 StanfordsA History of Stanford Bishop, Stanford Falcon and Stanford Regis in North East Herefordshire
by Phyllis Williams
Our President, Phyllis Williams, has delved deeply into the history of this tranquil rural area, disclosing the fascinating background to the three distinct land holdings of Norman and medieval lords: the bishop of Hereford, the king of England and one called Falcon who served the Lacy family. Most of today’s farms and dwellings have hundreds of years of history; many of them carry names which would have been recognisable a thousand years ago. This is a social history too, and family names abound.
The Ledbury Reporter of February 2nd 2007 says “Phyllis Williams has just published her fourth book about the Bromyard area, in the 40th year of the Bromyard & District Local History Society. The book is full of old pictures as well as new, maps, tables, and other historical documents. It looks way back to the Stone Age, through Anglo-Saxon stages, the medieval period, Tudor times, Victorian era, and up to the present day.” Mrs Williams said “These are parishes I lived near, knew and enjoyed. I started writing the book six years ago and as I was doing it I discovered more things I wanted to add. I hope my book helps people to look at the countryside around them and realise its history. My hope is that the book will provide enjoyment and more interest in the region, for there is still much more to discover”.
Fellow local history author and society tutor Joe Hillaby said the efforts of Mrs Williams had greatly helped the society. “Phyllis’s infectious enthusiasm has been a major factor in the society’s success and considerable achievements”.