Programme 2020

All evening meetings are held at the Conquest Theatre, Tenbury Road, Bromyard, and unless otherwise stated  start at 7.30pm.

Visitors are always very welcome but are asked to make a donation of £4.00

March 2020- December 2020

Fund-raising events are underlined

 There are no talks in January, February & December

Speaker Talk Title Date Booked Comment
Philip Hume Ludlow Castle Heraldic Roll: a roll that was created in the 1570s for Sir Henry Sydney who was Lord President of the Council of the Marches and recently found in an antique shop in London. 11-Mar-20 Conquest Theatre – 7.30pm
Anthony Pulton-Smith The Saxon Era: a revealing look at the so-called Dark Ages, revealing why they were anything but ‘dark’ and gave us a language, a system of government, many of the imperial measurements, and much, much more. 08-Apr-20 Conquest Theatre – 7.30pm
Kate Lack Bishop Godwin’s ‘Man in the Moon’ (c. 1600): is this science fiction, social satire or perilous political commentary? 13-May-20 Conquest Theatre – 7.30pm
Ken Matthews Fencote Station – Members evening – Visit to preserved station on the Bromyard and Leominster line. Bring a picnic and eat on the station platform or on the old BR carriage. 10-Jun-20 Members evening
Provisional trip to Forest of Dean to see industrial archaeology of area 08-Jul-20 Coach trip – Sorting out a guide
Possible visit to Forgemill Needle MuseumVisit to a fascinating water powered mill – the only scouring mill of its type in the world. 05-Aug-20 Car sharing.  £5.80 includes a guide as long as booked as a group. Cafe
Duncan James Timber framed buildings in Bromyard: Repeat of previous talk from 10 years ago with some additional material. 9-Sept-20 Conquest Theatre – 7.30pm
Motoring in the 1930’srare archive film of life on the road prior to WII. 14-Oct-20 Conquest Theatre – 7.30pm
Images from Bromyard History Society’s own archive. 11-Nov-20 Conquest Theatre – 7.30pm