Programme 2021

All evening meetings are held at the Conquest Theatre, Tenbury Road, Bromyard, and unless otherwise stated  start at 7.30pm.

Visitors are always very welcome but are asked to make a donation of £4.00

Fund-raising events are underlined

Speaker Talk Title Date Booked Comment


Dr Anna Keay & Caroline Stanford Webinar – Calverley Old Hall: 900 years of history, an ambitious revival and a new vision for the future 09-03-21 6.30pm
Duncan James Online talk – History of The Hyde 14-Apr-21 7.30pm
Various Online talks from Gloucester History Festival Spring Series 17/18-Apr-21
Summer programme Visit to Bach hill fort 26-May-21 Details to be finalised
Summer programme Visit to Evesham – Guided tour of the historic centre of Evesham – including Almonry Museum, Abbey and cloisters. Refreshments included. If time allows on to Middle Littleton tythe barn. 23-Jun-21  11.00 am at the Almonry entrance. Car sharing where appropriate. £10.00 or £8.50 for concessions.
Duncan James Bromyard’s historic buildings – an updated review of Bromyard’s most important buildings. 08-Sept-21 Conquest Theatre – 7.30pm
Summer programme Gloucester History Festival Heritage Open Day – Walks, talks and music in and around Gloucester.


11- Sept-21 Details on their website
Philip Hume Autumn course – Welsh Marcher Lordships – Short course based on his latest book 3 weeks on Wednesday afternoons, plus visit. Oct-21 October – Contact Sue Cooper for details
Hugh Farey Football, Cricket, and Quoits: England’s contribution to the revival of the Olympic Games in the Nineteenth Century.


13-Oct-21 Conquest Theatre – 7.30pm
Anthony Pulton-Smith The Saxon Era: a revealing look at the so-called Dark Ages, revealing why they were anything but ‘dark’ and gave us a language, a system of government, many of the imperial measurements, and much, much more. 10-Nov-21 Conquest Theatre – 7.30pm