Programme and Talks for 2024

Speaker History Society Events 2024 Date Booked Comment
Graham Collins The Evolution of Policing in the UK – The origins of social control (policing) can be traced back to Alfred the Great and in certain cultures further back. 13-Mar-24 Conquest Theatre – 19.30hrs
Tim Maynard The World’s Oldest Independent Railway: The Ffestiniog railway. Part2 – Revival, Expansion and Heritage 10-Apr-24 Conquest Theatre – 19.30hrs
James Wright Historic Building Mythbusting – Go to any ancient building and there will be interesting, exciting, and romantic stories presented to the visitor. They are commonly believed and widely repeated – but are they really true? These stories include those of secret passages linking ancient buildings, spiral staircases in castles giving advantage to right-handed defenders, ship timbers used in the construction of buildings on land, blocked doors in churches which are thought to keep the Devil out and claims to be the oldest pub in the city. James will explain the development of such myths and investigate the underlying truths behind them. Sometimes the realities hiding behind the stories are even more interesting, romantic, and exciting than the myth itself… 08-May-24 Conquest Theatre – 19.30hrs
Summer programme Visit to Worcester Cathedral library – A rare opportunity to see this little-known library 12-Jun-24  
Summer programme Visit to Kyre Park – guided tour of the house (not open to the public), tythe barn, dovecot, church and the Capability Brown designed gardens. Tea and cakes provided 10 -Jul-24 Car Sharing – meet at the Conquest car park
Summer programme Shrewsbury Flaxmill Maltings – Behind the scenes tour of a grade 1 listed building – A remarkable piece of engineering built in 1797, which is known as the grandparent of the skyscraper. 14-Aug-24 Limited to 12 people
Summer programme Gloucester History Festival – Heritage Day. Dozens of events, talks and walks in medieval Gloucester.  Sept-24 Dates to be confirmed
Denise North The Herefordshire Horde – Some may have been to see the Hoard in Hereford or at least seen the replicas and heard parts of the story during one of the community open days in 2022.  The story rolls on.  So history hardly ever happens?  Think again 11-Sep-24 Conquest Theatre – 19.30hrs
Philip Hume It’s the Mortimers wot won it – This talk shows how the origins of the Wars of the Roses lay in the feuds that developed between Mortimer and Lancaster from the 1370s to 1425, when Richard, duke of York, inherited a feud that was already 50 years-old. Indeed, it was their Mortimer blood and ancestry that enabled Richard and then his son, Edward, to argue a stronger claim to the throne than the Lancastrian one, and ultimately to win the crown. Furthermore, it was their Mortimer wealth and estates, particularly the Marcher lordships, that gave them the resources to win the throne. Thus, the Welsh Marches became a focal point of the conflict, whilst ultimately it was Mortimer blood and wealth ‘wot won it’. 09-Oct-24 Conquest Theatre – 19.30hrs
Clare Wichbold The long life and fascinating times of Constance Radcliffe Cooke. 13-Nov-24 Conquest Theatre – 19.30hrs