The Churches of Bromyard Rural Deanery

David Annett’s book The Churches of Bromyard Rural Deanery comprises some 64 pages and nearly 100 illustrations almost all in colour.  The churches are arranged in alphabetical order of parishes, and a clear map of the deanery showing the exact location of all of the churches is reproduced on the inside front and back covers.  Howard Painters colour images of the various churches are a joy to behold.
It is David Annett’s aim to give a personal and subjective response to each of the churches in the area in the hope that this may stimulate others  to visit them and form their own views.
With the aid of this most excellent guide, the reader is encouraged to think back to what the church was like in past centuries and to understand how the changes in the structure and the furnishings of the church reflect the changes in the religious practices, in social life and artistic taste.